Chemical Testing

Chemical testing is the science of chemical characterization and measurement. Qualitative analysis is concerned with the description of chemical composition in terms of elements, compounds, or structural units, whereas quantitative analysis is concerned with the measurement of amount. Analytical chemistry, once limited to the determination of chemical composition in terms of the relative amounts of elements or compounds in a sample. Modern analysis has also placed significant demands on sampling techniques.
(A) Wet chemical analysis
Wet analysis is performed in samples where cut pieces are hard to retrieve. The samples coming to wet analysis are usually in chips or powder forms. Samples include Fe-base, Non Fe base, pure metals, minerals, refractories, chemicals, Zn dust/ash, and Cu dust/ash. The processes performed could be titrimetric, gravimetric, colorimetric and combustion method depending on the element to be analyzed.
(B) Spectro analysis

Spectroscopy includes the measurement of emission, absorption, reflection, and scattering phenomena resulting from interaction of a sample with gamma rays and x-rays at the high-energy end of the spectrum and with the less energetic ultraviolet visible, infrared, and microwave radiation.

We have facility to test metals & alloys of, Fe base with Nitrogen, Ni base, Cu base, Al base, Zn base, Ti base by spectro analytical systems. Alloys of this base are accurately analysed by our spectro. The emission spectrometers are calibrated in Italy by the manufacturer, which are calibrated at regular intervals in the similar fashion. A well-experienced and qualified technical manpower ensures perfect testing confirming to the international standards and norms.